coconut flavored rum in bottle

Coconut Rum

30% ABV/ 60 Proof

Our handcrafted white rum with all-natural coconut flavor.

At 60 proof, this coconut flavor compliments the rum and is not overly sweet.

Awards: ADI Silver Medal (2018)


2019 Judging of Craft Spirits Medal 4bronze
Bronze Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards
American Distilling Institute - Craft Spirit - 2018 Silver Medal badge
Silver Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards
Cigar & Spirits World Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal
Cigar & Spirits 2018

Signature Recipes

The Limbo

1 Part Seacrets Gold Rum, 1 Part Seacrets Coconut Rum, 2 parts pineapple juice


1 1/2 parts Seacrets Coconut Rum, 1/2 part banana liqueur and fill with pineapple juice

Bahama Mama

Seacrets Spiced Rum, Seacrets Coconut Rum, Seacrets Gold Rum, pina colada, grenadine & pineapple juice.

Seacrets Smash

1 1/2 parts Seacrets Spiced Rum, 1/2 part Seacrets Coconut Rum and fill with pineapple juice.

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