Cognac Bourbon 750ml Shadow Copy

Limited Release: Bourbon Finished in Cognac Cask

50% ABV / 100 Proof

Mash bill, fermentation and distillation done completely in house. Locally sourced GMO-free corn grown on a family farm in Snow Hill, MD, rye sourced from Laurel, DE (as an ode to Maryland’s rich rye history) & malted barley make up our mash bill. Our distillers took our Bourbon Whiskey and finished it in 71 gallon Cognac casks for 1 year in our own local rack room. Upon harvesting, chill and plate filtration were utilized along with slow dilution for proofing yielding a 100 proof spirit that is unbelievably smooth.  Grab a bottle and discover why this is “coastal crafted at its best & the taste worth fighting for.”

2nd BATCH COMING SUMMER 2024: LIMITED RELEASE-   This hand labeled and numbered Batch will be available & sold exclusively at the distillery and Atlantic Beverage Center.

Tasting Notes: Aroma of charred oak, vanilla and butterscotch. Taste consisting of vanilla, dark cherry and toasted oak with a slight hint of leather and green apple peel. Offers a slight sweetness upfront with an incredibly smooth, full finish.

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