bottle of seacrets orange flavored vodka

Orange Vodka

35% ABV/ 70 Proof

Seven-times distilled, corn vodka macerated with fresh blood & naval oranges and natural cane sweeteners.

We take our handcrafted vodka at 140 proof and combine 500 pounds of fresh blood & naval oranges, separating the meat from the peels. The peels are removed after 2 days of maceration, leaving meat of the fruit in the tanks for an additional 5 days. After the maceration process is complete, we add a cane sweetener to balance the bitterness of the fruit. Finally we apply a double filtration to the spirit before bottling.

Awards: ADI Silver Medal (2018), Cigar & Spirits (2017), Fifty Best Double Gold (2017)


Thefiftybest Flavored Vodka Doublegoldmedal Transparent
Double Gold Medal
The Fifty Best Flavored Vodka
Flavored Vodka World Spirits Cigar & Spirits 2017
Flavored Vodka Class: 3rd Place Overall
Cigar and Spirits
American Distilling Institute - Craft Spirit - 2018 Silver Medal badge
Silver Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards
Cigar and spirits 2018 World spirits award Silver
Silver Medal
Cigar and Spirits 2018
2019 Judging of Craft Medal silver
Silver Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards

Signature Recipes

Raging Bull

A combination of Seacrets Orange Vodka with orange juice and Red Bull.

Orange Crush

1 1/2 parts Seacrets Orange Vodka, 1/2 part Triple Sec, 3 parts orange juice & a splash of Sprite

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