Liquor Ocean City MD

White Rum

40% ABV/ 80 Proof

Our take on a Caribbean-style white rum. A blend of two high grade molasses fermented with an American yeast, double distilled to achieve a subtle floral sweetness.

Awards: NYISC Gold Medal (2018), ADI Silver Medal (2018)


2019 Judging of Craft Spirits Medal 4bronze
Bronze Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards
NYISC 2018 Gold Winner badge
Gold Medal
New York International Spirits Competition
American Distilling Institute - Craft Spirit - 2018 Silver Medal badge
Silver Medal
American Distilling Institute Awards
Cigar & Spirits World Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal
Cigar & Spirits 2018

Signature Recipes

White Madras

2 parts Seacrets White Rum, 3 parts orange juice and cranberry juice.


1 part Seacrets White Rum, 1 part Seacrets Vodka, equal parts orange juice & pineapple juice

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