Seacrets Distilling Releases Barrel Finished Gin

Label Barrel Finish Gin

– Seacrets Releases New Barrel Finish Gin–

Seacrets Distilling Company kicks off Maryland Spirits Month with the release of their third limited edition spirt of 2019 – Barrel Finished Gin. This spirit follows the Limited Edition Double Barrel Spiced Rum and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Spiced Rum, which made their debuts in June and September, respectively. Cody Miller,Chief Distiller of SDC, along with his distilling crew, have been working on the Barrel Finish Gin since September of last year.

“While out at a bar, not too many people consider ordering a gin on the rocks, but with barrel finish gin gaining popularity over the past few years, we hope to change that,” states Miller. 

–It all starts with Vodka and a little inspiration–

“Barrel finishing is one of the most interesting aspects of creating new flavors from those left in the barrel and then transferred to the new spirit,” states Matthew Albright, Distiller.

Using a new, charred American oak barrel, the team begins the firs

t steps in creating their spirit. First the award-winning Spiced Rum is aged in the  barrel for an extended amount of time, allowing the barrel to soak in the unique characteristics that give the rum its intense flavor. The rum is then harvested from the barrel and placed into a holding tank for future processing.

“What most people don’t realize is that all gin derives from vodka. Our gin is made from our corn-based vodka that allows these spirits to be gluten free. Juniper, the main ingredient in gin, citrus peels along with various other botanicals are added to give it its slightly piney more citrus forward flavors,” states Matthew Zavodny, Distiller, “The next step is to rest the gin in the barrel.”

The gin is “rested” in the Spiced Rum barrel until desired flavor is achieved. Pulling samples monthly, the team worked together to create a spirit that is still gin at heart, but with an upfront vanilla taste and a smooth oak finish. The spices that transition from the rum into the gin were pertinent in Miller and his team’s vision for this new spirit.

 “Understanding the different spices that can be used in gin production and how the flavors will blend together with the spiced rum played a key role in achieving the final version,” says Miller, “We happen to have had the spiced rum resting in the oak barrels and I thought this would be the perfect time to experiment.”

–Having their best year yet–

Barreling over 5,000 bottles a week during the busy summer months, hand prepping all ingredients needed for the gin as well as hand bottling, labeling and shipping all of their products- when asked how they find the time to create new spirits, the team simply answered: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”

Established in 2016, the once startup distillery has grown to be well-respected within the craft with local and national recognition. Seacrets Distilling Company has won 36 awards at national spirit competitions and has become a top tourist attraction in the area.

Known for their innovative creations and hands on approach, this well oiled crew leaves all of us to think the best is yet to come. 


Drink suggestions:

  1. Neat or on the rocks
  2. Gin and tonic- lime
  3. Standard gin martini- (Can make it dirty)

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